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CLIFF DWELLER is a project by Ari Balouzian focusing on the experience of sound and music in film. Balouzian works in collaboration with a variety of film makers and artists providing soundtracks, sound design, and producing original content. Work has been exhibited internationally at Clermont-Ferrand, Locarno Film Festival, Cannes, and Jeonju Film Festival.

for film scoring portfolio: visit http://aribalouzian.com


selected press:

Gizmodo on “The Exit”

LILY short film on DAZED Digital (original music)

ONE EIGHT SEVEN documentary on The Atlantic

IMPOSE Magazine on HAND TO MOUTH zine/EP

Hammer Museum GRAPHITE Journal of the Arts: Conversing the Beat

Director’s Notes: Cliff Dweller

Boing Boing on “Kenmere Ave” short film

Huffington Post on “Hanksy: It’s a Punderful Life” (i am OTHER)

contact: dreamincaptivity@gmail.com